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Quick Delivery: We are a local florist, not a middle man! All work is done by us and all deliveries are made with our trucks. We are located in Hicksville, NY we deliver to over 50 surrounding towns daily!! When you buy from a local florist, you receive a superior product and pay a lot less! Established over 64 years! Family owned and operated!

Hicksville Flowers
141 Levittown Pkwy
Hicksville, NY 11801
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2 weeks ago
Great family run business best flowers around and great designers
bell labbell lab
2 months ago
They are WAYYY better than 4.3 or 3.5. Their designer is too sweet. I'll upload my bouquet. You'll see what I mean. Speaks for itself. I think she told me the people that rated so low was due to FTD, 1-800 orders that comes through the store if you will. They are priced lower if you go through the FLORIST website, otherwise, you are paying for expenses that 1800 and FTD charge them. Anyway, walk in, see what they have, or order through their actual website or CALL them and tell them what you want! BTW, they do NOT have a small selection as someone stated. They are the florists by the LIRR, they just relocated. They have TWO rooms, there are MORE flowers where the designer is working. Anyway, look at my purty (modestly priced) bouquet!
Margeo SmithMargeo Smith
3 months ago
The manager was very helpful and extremely polite and patience. I would definitely use this florist in the future.
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